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Five Painting Tools to Make Painting Easier

Five Painting Tools to Make Painting Easier

When you begin any painting project, you must carefully consider the supplies that you buy. Primarily if you’re focusing on interior paint projects, even the slightest imperfection will reveal itself, nagging at you for years to come. The supplies you purchase directly impact the final product – quality supplies are essential for top-quality work. That’s why, at Janovic, we offer only the best brands and the best sundries for your painting needs.

With the right painting supplies, your project can move forward quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a beautiful finish that your family and guests will fawn over for many years to come. So, before you begin your project, here are five products that you can’t live without, along with some helpful painting tips.

3M™ Sanding Sponge

Sanding sponges are imperative for any painting project because they help smooth rough surfaces and clean any dusty surface. They can be used on wood, paint, metal, plastic or drywall. The sanding process helps prepare the surface to receive a coating of paint, whether you’re starting with paint or primer. They are made of a foam block wrapped in sandpaper on all four sides, so you can easily hold the sponge in your hand and maneuver it with ease, whether the sponge or surface is wet or dry. This durable sanding sponge can be rinsed and reused for future projects.

How to use it

First, choose your grit level. If you have a rough surface, you’ll want a coarse grit, but if your surface is more delicate, you’ll want to choose one with a fine grit. Medium grit is an excellent choice for all-purpose projects. You can purchase all three grit levels and work through a sequence for the best results, starting with coarse and moving to medium and then fine grit. You can order them from Janovic’s online store now for delivery or pick up at one of our New York City locations.

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