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Paint Sundries

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Hyde Tools Hyde Multi-Purpose Wallpaper Shaver/Scraper 4 "


Shave off wallpaper or scrape paint and stickers off glass and mirrors. Angled head takes 3-1/4″ replaceable blade. Tubular metal handle with cushioned foam grip. Measures 12″ overall.


Hyde Value Series Joint Knife, Putty Knife & Scraper

  • Black Flexible Joint Knife 6"
  • Hyde 6" Flexible Joint Knife
  • 7-3/4" Overall Length
  • Stamped Carbon Steel Blade
  • Hardened For Durability
  • Ergonomic Shape For Comfortable Grip.
  • Mfg #04851
$2.99 - $4.99

Hyde Wall Wallpaper Replacement Shaver Blade 4 " 5 Pack

Wall Wolf wallpaper shaver blades. For use with Hyde wallpaper scrapers 33110, 33120, and 33121. Fits most 4" shavers.


Hyde Wallcovering Razor Knife

Use to cut, slice, or trim wallcovering, paper, foil, etc. Metal frame holds single edge razor blade without tools. Hardwood handle with plated steel ferrule.

KILZ Original White Flat Oil-Based Primer 13 Ounce

KILZ® ORIGINAL Primer is a powerful stainblocking formula that blocks most heavy interior stains including water, smoke, tannin, ink, pencil, felt marker, grease, and also seals pet, food and smoke odors. Trusted by pros for over 40 years, it has excellent sealing and adhesion properties help paint adhere to most interior surfaces leading to better results. Use on wood, drywall, plaster, paneling, wallpaper, masonry, brick, painted metal and properly prepared glossy surfaces†. Not recommended for mold or mildew-prone surfaces or on flooring.

KILZ Up Shot White Flat Oil-Based Primer and Sealer 10 Ounce

KILZ Upshot aerosol is an interior oil-base stain sealer with a unique vertical spray tip for overhead application. It’s great for blocking most ceiling stains like water, smoke and grease.

Klean Strip Acetone

  • Thins and removes polyester, epoxy resins, ink and fiberglass
  • Dissolves 2-part epoxies and super glue before they harden
  • Leaves no residue and is quick evaporating low VOC formula
$8.99 - $19.99

Klean Strip Lacquer Thinner

  • Improves flow and levelling for smooth streak free finish
  • Cleans brushes, paint sprayer and equipment immediately after use
  • Medium dry formula helps resist blushing and leaves no residue
$8.99 - $16.99

Klean Strip Odorless Paint Thinner/Mineral Spirits Quart

  • Cleans up interior jobs
  • Thins oil-based paint, stain and varnish
  • Cleans brushes, quipment and paint splatters


Klean Strip S-L-X Denatured Alcohol

  • Thins shellac

  • Cleans glass, metal, porcelain, piano keys, non-lacquered jewelry

  • Clean-burning fuel for marine stoves

  • Cleans brushes after use

$7.99 - $12.99

Klean Strip Xylene Solvent

  • Replaces toluene when a slower rate of evaporation is desired
  • Thins specified oil-based paint, varnish, adhesives and enamel
  • Medium drying formula is like toluene but dries more slowly
$8.99 - $18.99

Krud Kutter Graffiti Remover 32 Ounce

  • Easily removes a variety of paints and markers from most surfaces
  • Water-based safe alternative to hazardous paint removers
  • Eco friendly cleaner is biodegradable and non-toxic

Krud Kutter Pre-Paint Cleaner/Remover 32 Ounce

  • TSP substitute prepares high gloss surfaces without sanding
  • Water-based formula cleans and preps for paint
  • Eco friendly cleaner, biodegradable and phosphate-free

Krud Kutter Prepaint Surface Preparation

  • Easily prepares high gloss surfaces for painting
  • Water-based formula cleans, and preps for paint
  • Eco friendly biodegradable cleaner is Safer Choice certified
$9.99 - $19.99

Krud Kutter Rustex Rust Converter


RUSTEX is a rust inhibiting coating which converts rusted metal overnight into a rust retarding, paintable surface. When applied to rusted surfaces, iron oxide (rust) is chemically changed to iron phosphate, an inert, hard substance that turns the metal black. This increases the paint adhesion and durability of the coating.

$11.99 - $23.99

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 12 " x 16 " 3 Pack

  • Designed for your daily cleaning, scrubbing, and dusting needs
  • Measures 16 in. L x 16 in. W
  • Made from high-quality polyester to ensure long-term use
  • See More Details

Norton ProSand 5 " Hook and Loop Sanding Disc

  • For use on wood, metal, drywall, fiberglass, and painted surfaces
  • The quick-change hook & loop holding system allows faster disc changes
  • Fits Skil®, Bosch®, BandD®, Dewalt®, Makita®, and Milwaukee® random orbit sanders
  • Resin-bonded to resist heat and humidity for longer life
  • The vented hole pattern matches sander's pad for maximum dust extraction
$14.99 - $14.99

Norton ProSand Contour Sanding Sponge 5.5 " x 4.5 "


Norton ProSand Extra Large Sanding Sponge 9" x 3.83"


Norton ProSand Sanding Sponge 4.5 " x 2.69 " x 1 "


MultiSand 49506 Flexible Sanding Sponge, Small, 4 in L x 2-3/4 in W, 1 in T, Black

$3.99 - $7.99

Norton ProSand Sandpaper 11 " x 9 "

  • Premium heat-treated abrasive offers faster cut and longer sanding life than former technology
  • Increased backing weight, fiber-reinforcement and latex saturation offers better grain retention and tear-resistance yet is highly flexible for easy folding and unfolding
  • Non-pigmented, water-based stearate (anti-clog) coating, open coat for best resistance to clogging and loading during sanding
  • With no color dye for zero color transfer, use this sandpaper as a best choice for heavy material removal
$5.79 - $5.79

Olfa 9mm 13Pt Auto Lock Snap Off Cutter Rubber Grip

  • Cushioned, anti-slip rubber handle
  • Comfortable, ergonomic grip
  • Auto-lock blade actuator
  • Acetone resistant
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • No tool blade change
  • Convenient lanyard hole
  • Preloaded with a 9mm ABB precision ultra-sharp black snap-off blade

Olfa 9mm 13Pt Multi Purpose Metal Handle Snap Off Cutter

  • Auto-lock blade mechanism
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant all-metal body
  • Ultra-slim for maneuverability
  • No tool blade change
  • Pocket clip and built-in blade snapper
  • Preloaded with a 9mm AB Precision Silver Snap-Off Blade

Olfa ABB-10B 9mm 13Pt Ultrasharp Black Snap Off Blade 10 Pack

  • Double-honed edge for superior sharpness
  • Snap quick and easy for new sharp cutting edge every time
  • 13-segment, 9mm snap-off blade
  • Fits 9mm utility knives
  • Also available in pack of 50

OLFA Carbon Steel 13 Point Replacement Snap Blades 50 Piece

  • Double-honed edge for superior sharpness
  • Snap quick and easy for new sharp cutting edge every time
  • 13-segment, 9mm snap-off blade
  • Fits 9mm utility knives
  • Also available in pack of 10