Because of the many vendor relationships we have at Town Line, we’ve come across a lot of products in the 50+ years we’ve been in business. Over the years we’ve become pretty good at seeing through marketing hype and determining which products are actually the best, the most innovative, and the highest quality.

Today I want to give you information on C2 GUARD, a wood sealer and stain that I believe is truly a breakthrough innovation in sealing and staining.

C2 GUARD is a non-toxic, environmentally safe waterproofer and sealer designed specifically for unsealed wood. It was created using a unique formula that absorbs deeply into the wood’s surface, rather than simply sitting on top of it as is common with most wood protectors. This penetration forms a flexible polymer barrier that becomes part of the wood’s cellular structure.

This careful creation provides you with many benefits:

  • No smell
  • Dries to the touch within an hour
  • Resists water penetration
  • Prevents cracking, splitting, and warping
  • Won’t fade as quickly as other stains
  • Reduces the effects of mold and mildew

C2 GUARD is available in a range of natural wood tone colors, but we can also develop a custom color for you.

If you’d like to learn more about this ultimate exterior wood protector, please visit us so we can tell you more.

Thank you for your many years of loyalty to Town Line, and we hope to see you again soon!

-Todd Zigelbaum