Based in Andover, MA, California Paints is committed to providing the highest quality interior paint, exterior paint and architectural coatings, including the #1 rated exterior paint evaluated by a national independent study. As a leading paint producer, California Paints also offers cutting edge color tools and systems. Our color palettes can help you choose the right paint colors for any interior or exterior paint project.

Fres~Coat UNITE

Incorporating exclusive resin technology, UNITE provides maximum coverage using fewer coats.  The state-of-the-art formula provides trouble-free application, outstanding coverage and uniformity across all finishes.

Ultraplate Trim & Cabinet

This waterborne satin finish enamel is ideal for use on cabinetry, shelving and furniture and delivers a factory-like finish.  With outstanding hide and ultra leveling characteristics, Ultraplate provides and extremely durable finish.

Diamond Acrylic Ceiling White

Diamond Acrylic Ceiling White is the highest quality ceiling white available today. The ultimate ceiling finish combines the whitest white color with a perfect anti-spatter flat finish. The unique friendly formulation sets the industry standard for whiteness, hiding power, adhesion, color lastness, and smooth appearance.

2010 – 100% Acrylic Latex Exterior

This 100% acrylic latex house paint, is the first of its kind with innovative acrylic technology that offers unsurpassed performance. It offers true one coat hiding – covers black in one coat. It provides flawless durability, stain resistance, maximum sealing, superlative adhesion, breathability, flexibility and exceptional color retention.

AllFlor Epoxy Fortified Floor Enamel

This durable, easily applied 100% acrylic enamel is fortified with emulsified epoxy to provide maximum performance in a low gloss, water-based floor and trim finish. It incorporates maximum color retention, breathability, alkali, water and blister resistance into it’s unique formulation. This is truly the standard for environmentally friendly floor enamels.