Fine Paints of Europe

Started in 1987, Fine Paints of Europe provides the finest paints and personalized service to discriminating homeowners, paint professionals, and the architectural and design community. Fine Paints of Europe coatings are sold by reputable, independently owned paint retailers.

Hollandlac Interior & Exterior Traditional Oil Paint

This high-performance, marine quality alkyd enamel suitable for interior and exterior use. Plus, it smells like paint! A heavily pigmented formulation provides superior hiding power and resists fadings. It is suitable for any properly primed interior or exterior substrate including wood, plaster, wallboard, metals, and plastic.7,000 FPE colors, 3,000 Pantone colors and an unlimited number of custom tinted colors. Available in Eggshell, Satin & Brilliant

ECO™ Waterborne Paints

ECO is an exciting departure from the paint making technology of the past. It is a durable, modern, water-thinnable coating, which combines the best features of both acrylic and alkyd formulations. ECO offers the ease of application, weather resistance and easy clean-up associated with first-quality waterborne coatings while providing the enhanced adhesion, opacity and beautiful finish associated with traditional solventborne paints of a classic oil-based finish. Available in Satin & Brilliant Finishes

Eurolux™ Interior Acrylic Paint

Eurolux odorless acrylic paint now accounts for more than half of our total sales. This remarkable coating, easily applied by homeowner or professional, has been recognized as the perfect coating for an active lifestyle. Walls painted with Eurolux Matte are as scrubbable as gloss enamel and can reasonably be expected to yield ten to fifteen years of beauty, pleasure and service. Available in Flat, Matte, Satin & Gloss Finishes


Eurothane is a modern urethane varnish with the appearance of a traditional alkyd formulation. Eurothane resists yellowing, and does not possess the “plastic” appearance common to may urethanes. Eurothane Varnish is easy to apply and dries to a hard finish protecting wood against abrasion, alcohol and water. This formulation results in an elastic and durable finish and is compatible with most modern urethane or traditional varnishes. Available in High Gloss, Satin and Matte Finishes