Alan Valdes at Premium Painting recently completed a pretty cool project using supplies he bought at Town Line. He was doing interior painting for a customer throughout the home’s open floor plan kitchen and living room. To bring some extra character to the job, he wanted to add some accents that would give certain components in the space a high gloss, mirrored look. He decided to apply these accents to a wood panel attached to the side of a brick column and a pair of French doors.

To begin, Alan sanded the wood panel and wood doors, then skim coated them with two coats of Swedish putty. After they dried, he sanded them with 220 sandpaper for a smooth finish. He oil primed the brick. Then he applied two coats of Fine Paints of Europe (FPE) Brilliance to both the wood and brick.

The finished product looks amazing and definitely gave the space the touch of character he was aiming for.