Last week we announced our new partnership with Mimi Lynch Interiors that provides customers with affordable interior design services. Now we’d like to help you get to know Mimi, her approach, and her style a bit better, so we did a short Q&A with her.

How Did You Get Into Interior Decorating?

Mimi: After a 10 year career at Boston area advertising agencies and a break to raise my 3 children, I launched my business in 2014. Interior decorating perfectly marries my background in the creative world with my love of home renovation.

What current decorating trend are you most excited about?

Mimi: I love the resurgence of wallpaper. The impact of its color, pattern, or texture can transform any cookie-cutter space into a show-stopper.

What’s your current favorite color to use when decorating?

Mimi: I think every room should have a touch of a “happy” color. I particularly like incorporating green. It can work as a neutral and complements most color palettes.

For people who may not be sure about using an interior designer, why should they? What would be their first step?

Mimi: Partnering with an interior decorator can actually be quite cost effective. A design professional’s expertise in product selection and project management can help eliminate potential missteps which can be costly. I’m particularly sensitive to my client’s needs. Ultimately, it’s their home and I work with them to ensure that it’s the best version of their style within their budget.

What’s your design philosophy?

Mimi: Home decor should be personal. I always tell my clients that no one should enter a home and know what year it was decorated. The decor should be up to date but not trendy and should be layered with unique, timeless pieces.

If you’d like to speak with Mimi about decorating your home, or even just one room in your home, call us (781-324-9255) or visit us and we can schedule some time for you to talk with her.